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Infinity Spile

Infinity Spile

Infinity Spile

Maple Hill Farms is the proud designer of the Maple Infinity Spile®, the smallest diameter stainless steel spile on the market! It fits a tap hole of 5/32" and standard maple tubing measuring 5/16 inch. This spile includes two red o-rings on the head, both for an improved seal with tubing and better visibility in the tree.

Composed of stainless steel rather than plastic, the Infinity Spile® can be ultrasonically cleaned, and therefore reused indefinitely. Reuse makes it more economical for long-term maple production. The use of plastic spouts requires annual time and labor for removal and replacement of spouts. With the Infinity Spile® you eliminate this chore altogether! A big bonus is that it creates NO PLASTIC WASTE like the widely-used plastic spouts.

It takes less time and effort to drill a 5/32" hole, which creates significantly less stress on each tree. A smaller hole is more quickly healed and presents less risk of bacterial and fungal infection.

The amount of sap flow is entirely dependent on the weather conditions of a given year and there is no such thing as a miracle spile that will guarantee excellent sap flow every year. Although it can’t turn a bad year into a good year, the Infinity Spile® is capable of obtaining the same amount of sap as larger spiles! The table below displays eight years of production figures for the Infinity Spile as used by Maple Hill Farm.

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Important:For every plastic spile you return to us for recycling, we'll give you a 10 cent credit towards the purchase of one Maple InfinitySpile®. Just contact us to arrange the return.

1-100 $3.00 101-up $2.50

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